The easy-to-embed COBISS/SciMet widget provide a colourful, distinctive and instantly recognisable visualisation of citation data in the WoS and Scopus databases for researchers, groups of researchers, projects, programmes and research organizations, registered in the SICRIS system, for authors with the registration code assigned by IZUM or with the identification number of author from the CONOR.SI authority database, for Slovene universities, for serials and individual publications in COBISS system. The widget contains the summary data on the number of publications (black circle for Scopus, grey circle for WoS), the number of all citations, the number of self-citations, pure citations and h-index for publications of particular entities in the Scopus and WoS databases. The proportions of self-citations in the orange and green circle, that represents the citations in Scopus and WoS, are shown darker than the corresponding proportions of pure citations. Each widget gives your website visitors one-click access to the collated record of citation data foe each entity, where they can browse all of the original mentions and shares associated with it.

COBISS/SciMet widgets can be modified to fit the look and style of your website. Try some of the options using our widget generator below.


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Size of the widget in 'px'

01085 Dr. Vito Turk
    Vsi citati: 24997
  • Avtocitati: 3231
  • Čisti citati: 21766
  • Število objav: 321
  • h-index: 70
    Vsi citati: 24207
  • Avtocitati: 3503
  • Čisti citati: 20704
  • Število objav: 351
  • h-index: 69

Incorporating the widget into your website

The widget can easily be incorporated into your website. Please do not display too many widgets on a single page.

You only need to add two lines of code to your webpage:

  1. The script tag to be added in <header> tag or at the bottom of your page, right before the closing </body> tag..

    <script type='text/javascript' src='https://scimet.izum.si/widget/scimet-cit-widget.min.js'></script>

  2. HTML <div> tag that should be placed wherever you would like the widget to appear, e.g.