Web services

To access citation data in the WoS and Scopus databases for researchers, groups of researchers, projects, programmes and research organizations, registered in the SICRIS system, for authors with the registration code assigned by IZUM or with the identification number of author from the CONOR.SI authority database, for Slovene universities, for serials and publications in COBISS system, a web service for collecting and displaying citation data is provided in the TXT format (Column labels), JSON format or in the XML format according to the scheme http://home.izum.si/COBISS/xml/Citations.html. Access from one IP address is restricted to 1 request per second.

The URL address of the web service is http://scimet.izum.si/cit/ws?xml for XML format, http://scimet.izum.si/cit/ws?txt for TXT format or http://scimet.izum.si/cit/ws?json for JSON format. You can enter parameters in the same way as in reference to Direct links, with the exception of the parameter chart. The service additionally enables the expanded display of bibliographic data by setting the parameter list, into which you can enter value fields(field1,field2,etc.) with the following fields of bibliographic data:

  • title – title of the publication
  • pubyear – publication year
  • typology – typology of the publication
  • doi – DOI
  • issn – ISSN of the serial
  • oa - open-access journals (the data on the publisher licencing conditions and the archiving policy for each journal is published in the  SHERPA/RoMEO information service)
  • source – serial title
  • volume – volume of the serial
  • issue – serial number
  • pages – page numbers
  • asjc – scientific field codes in SNIP from 1999 onwards 
  • jcrc – scientific field codes in JCR from 1994 onwards 
  • quartile – quartile of the IF distribution the journal occupies for a scientific field (database-quartile), source The list of foreign databases
  • kru – above-average scientific excellence in the last 5 years (high-quality achievement – AII-databases; exceptional achievement – AI-databases; important achievement – A1/2-databases)

  • all – all fields
  • bibl – fields title, pubyear, typology, doi
  • ser – fields issn, source, volume, issue, pages, oa
  • eval – fields asjc, jcrc, quartile, kru

A separate table is created for each type of statistical report (sum, cit, pub, issn) in the TXT format. In the same document, a separate table is also created for bibliography (list), i.e. separately for bibliographic data of publications, data on serials, data on co-authors and for citations of publications by years.





Summary data

To access citation data in the WoS and Scopus databases for several entoities at once  a web service for collecting and displaying summary citation data is provided in the TXT format.You can enter up to 100 entity codes, separated with a comma, into the URL address http://scimet.izum.si/cit/sum?codes=. Also you can enter the following parameters into the URL address: ctypeunits, pubfrom, pubtocitfrom and citto - similarly as under Direct links, and the following ones:

  • bases več >>>

    Enter bases with the relevant values, separated by ',', to define the display of the citations in:

    • scopus – in the Scopus database
    • wos – in the WoS database
    • max - maximum velues of data in the WoS and Scopus databases

    Parameter default value is scopus,wos.

    <<< manj

  • fields več >>>

    Enter fields with the relevant values, separated by ',', to define data in the display:

    • tc – number of all citations
    • ac – number of self-citations 
    • ci - number of pure citations
    • ciau - number of pure citations by author
    • pub - number of publications
    • hindex - h-indeks
    • mi - ciau * 20

    Parameter default value is 

    <<< manj

A line with the entity data will apear for each entity. It may take longer to create the report.


Methodology, Display parameters, Direct links

example of XML format example of TXT format example of JSON format