Basic condition for a COBIB.SIScopus link is a bibliographic record for an publication published in one of the serials (journals, trade journals, book series and conference materials that have an ISSN assigned to them) that are indexed by Scopus. The Scopus database does not contains records for meeting abstracts and book reviews.

New links between the records in COBIB.SI and Scopus are automatically established daily. On a weekly basis, updated is information on the number of citations for already linked records. A special feature of the Scopus database is that the records are not corrected but deleted, and then new records with a new EID number are created. This is why already established links between the corresponding records in the COBIB.SI database and the Scopus database sometimes get lost and the records have to be relinked. The links are established automatically within a week. If that is not possible because the data in the shared COBIB.SI database and the Scopus database does not match, the links must be established manually. Such records for Slovene authors, which are established in the Scopus database based on their institutions' addresses, can be found in the lists of missing links.

In case of any errors in the Scopus databases, a request for correction can be sent via the online form to Elsevier.